Increase Your Human Capital ROI

What is your revenue or profit per employee? What percentage are your labor costs? All measures that help assess how well your human capital systems are working.

HR Policies, Systems & Procedures

The people policies, systems and procedures in an organization work in tandem with each other to influence employee behavior, sometimes with unintended and negative consequences.

Solutions Aligned To Business Goals

One size definitely does not fit all. Solutions to improve your HR metrics should take into consideration your business goals, your industry, your margins, your business cycle and more.

Leadership Development

Employees join companies, but leave supervisors. Develop your leaders, retain employees.

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Change Implementation

Organizations learn to adapt and evolve to new opportunities and unforeseen obstacles.

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Employee Engagement

One size does not fit all and organizations with engaged employees experience greater ROI.

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Team Training

A group of people does not equal a “team” or inherently achieve peak performance.

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“Companies organized around core competencies provide a good example of how an organization can obtain internal stability that leads both to well-defined boundaries and to openness over time…It can respond quickly to new opportunities because it is not locked into the rigid boundaries of pre-established end products or businesses. ” – Margaret J. Wheatley, Leadership and the New Science, 1994